Beneath the dreaming spires

Oxford in the United Kingdom, is where we call home.  With easy access to amazingly talented and bright people, it's the perfect place to build one of the region's fastest growing tech companies.


Take a simple idea; there must be a better way to uncover information on suppliers than reading dated research reports, spending hours on Google, or relying on your professional network. Surely custom built technology could do the job faster, better, and more comprehensively.


We put our sourcing and commercial expertise, together with our technology expertise, and built the Hub.  Our team are passionate about our platform and the impact it has for our customers. We enjoy giving customers a better way to gather supplier information, a better way to share insights, and a better way to make decisions.​

Join our team

We have, and we want, talented people in our team. We are headquartered in the UK and also have team members located around the world

What sort of people do we want working for us? People who are happy to be different. Geeky is good! You need to be mad about social and committed to providing a great experience for our customers.

Jonathan //CEO
Matthew //Chairman
Emma //Account Director
Cassandra //Analyst
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