flow of discussion

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Real supplier insights faster than ever before, to make smarter, bolder decisions.

use discussion spikes to focus on the critical topics

Find actionable insights in real time 

Analyse customer discussions, track service and product innovation, uncover opportunities to collaborate, draw supplier comparisons, and identify risks.

Multiple use cases from due diligence to selecting preferred suppliers, tracking tender activity to assessing cultural fit. All actionable insights to improve your decision making.

"It gives us a whole new perspective and we've been trying to find something like this for ages..."


Suppliers listen to market influencers to shape their services. They need to know who matters, and so do you.

It isn't how long they have been in business, how many reports they publish or even how many followers they have.  It's how much engagement they have in the market. Your peers interacting and collaborating with the content.

Collaborate with the real market influencers

"A few minutes on the hub saves me hours of research. I need the time back and the analysis focuses my attention on the right things..."


What's driving negativity and positivity, and how does it change over time?


When a supplier makes an acquisition, makes leadership changes, launches a new service, wins a new customer, loses a major contract, what do customers and employees have to say about it?

Your business depends on suppliers, it's important to know.

"My risk and compliance team have asked for their own login..."

"...supplier governance meetings just got more productive."

Understand the good and the not so good 
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