positive and negative views in real time


Shareable reports created in minutes, and instant supplier alerts delivered straight to your inbox.

share insight and export content directly into reports

Save time

Save time spent manually preparing reports using customizable reporting tools. Easily download reports as PowerPoint, Word, or PDF, with the underlying data to bring your findings to life.

Back up your insights with real time data. Export to Excel to perform advanced analysis and combine social data with your own information for a complete supplier picture.

"It used to take me a week to pull together supporting insights for our quarterly report. Now I spend an hour..."

Raise awareness

Highlight important insights by sharing easy to understand reports configured to the needs of specific functions and stakeholders.

Instant alerts and news delivered straight to you and your colleagues via email without even logging into the Hub.

"Real time alerts on our material outsourcing suppliers are now essential in helping us meet our regulatory obligations..."

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